My littlest one, Liam, was having a tough time getting started with talking, so we took him to Cowboy Up Therapies. We worked with Miss Kelley and her horses two times per week and made strides almost immediately! About a year later now, he’s talking up a storm, and still mentions “Miss Kelley’s barn” whenever he plays with barn animals. Definitely recommend Cowboy Up Therapies!

Melissa, 2016

Kelley is such a kind person with an abundance of patience. Her horses are gentle and very friendly! Truly a outstanding place! A big thank you to Kelley and her team for the amazing session.

Tiffany, 2016

Kelley is a wonderful! My daughter loves spending time with the horses.

Deanna, 2017

Kelly is the best Speech Therapist in the Houston area, first hand experience her knowledge and attention to detail is what makes Cowboy Up Therapy the best of the best

Josh, 2016

Kelly has a big heart and passion for her work. Innovative therapy with a great instructor!

Miran, 2016